Dentist in Egg Harbor Township

Serenity Smile Designs, the Egg Harbor Township Dental office of Dr. Erik Mendelsohn was created with our patients as its inspiration. We are advocates of the complete health dental model that believes that a healthy, disease-free mouth can help you live longer and prevent serious health problems. We are here to keep you healthy for life.

If you are unhappy with your facial appearance, you may have considered plastic surgery procedures that could lift, tuck, and reshape problem areas. However, whenever an incision or a scalpel is involved, even in minor cosmetic surgeries, there is an added risk of danger to the patient. Dental implants can provide a safer, quicker solution.. read more →

Using FSA towards Invisalign in South Jersey

Flexible spending accounts, commonly referred to as FSAs, are popular employer-provided benefits, allowing workers to set aside money to pay for items such as health insurance co-pays, uninsured treatments, or even over-the-counter drug purchases. The money is put into the employee account through regular, equal payroll deductions. Even better, the deductions are made on a.. read more →

Dental Implants in Egg Harbor Township

Dental implants are the most exciting innovation that ever happened in dentistry! With dental implants, missing teeth can be restored to their most natural condition. As a dental implant patient, it is important to learn what the three parts of a dental implant are. Being knowledgeable about your dental implant parts will help you to understand what a dental implant.. read more →

New Jersey Dentist Celebrates National Gum Care Month

Can you believe it’s already September? Here at Serenity Smile Designs, we know that gingivitis – the early stage of periodontal disease – can be difficult to recognize. Many people don’t recognize the warning signs – bleeding and swollen gums, as a precursor to gum disease. This month of September (National Gum Care Month), a.. read more →

Full Arch Replacements in South Jersey

The beauty of a full arch replacement is that it does exactly what it sounds like – acts as a permanent substitute for teeth that are missing entirely on the upper or lower jaw. For years, dentures were the only option for individuals struggling with this dental setback. Dentures, however, were a poor stand-in, leading.. read more →